The fine people of Kashmir’s verdant valleys are no more strangers to making merry than any other.

From an honest folk with love of a good joke, the following concoctions combine vibrant fruits, scented spices, heady spirits, and other such joys in the mirthful tradition of Kashmir’s green valleys.




Qahwa Martini – 9.0
Fresh pressed espresso is shaken with Absolut Vanilla and an aromatic Kashmiri spice blend. Equally awakening and relaxing, dependent on your mood.

Bombay Blossom – 9.0

Opulent lychee and Briottet Rhubarb are shaken with lime-infused Beefeater Gin and crowned with the finest Earl Grey. Every bit as busy as Bombay’s bustling bazaars.

Black & Gold – 9.0

Bold pineapple, passion fruit and smoked Kashmiri tea leaves flavour an infusion on Absolut, ginger and honey. A long tipple brimming with complex flavours.

Rum ‘n’ Roses – 9.0

Bacardi Carta Blanca, coloured with hibiscus, scented with delicate rose and vanilla, shaken with grapefruit soda. Loved by all lovers.

Srinagar Sour – 8.0

Srinagar is Kashmir’s summer capital. This ensemble of cucumber, fresh mint and choice Kashmiri herbs support Hendrick’s Gin for a pick-me-up on a summer evening.

Zafrān – 8.0

Bright floral saffron marmalade blends with Absolut Citrus, fresh zesty lemon and a quinine-based aperitif.

Falsa Sling – 8.0

Buddhist monks took the falsa berry from ancient Kashmir over the expanses of greater India. Partnered with plump blueberries & regal pomegranate, they host Absolut to help the drinker towards enlightenment.

Maharāni – 8.0

Briottet Lychee and Prosecco are accented with the spicy aroma of fresh ginger; at home in the hands of royalty.

Guru Bellini – 8.0

India’s Gurus taught that good character spreads like the most delicate of perfume. Here, those native floral notes enhance peach and bubbles for our take on the classic Venetian Bellini.

The Mountbatten – 8.0

House Bourbon infused with honey mango is invigorated with fresh mint and aromatic spiced bitters. To be consumed in opulent surrounds after the day’s soldiering is done.

Musāfir – 8.0

Take this tincture of spiced pineapple, fragrant leaves and Koko Kanu before attempting your journey across culinary India. Its delicate balance is sure to keep your blues at bay.

Fruit Picker – 8.0

The fertile Kashmiri soil grows fruit like few other places. Here, mandarin-infused gin meets apricot, ginger and is balanced by a dry Vermouth. A tipple of tremendous quality.

Dry Drinking

For those who wish to sample a plethora of potations without the headache that customarily follows

Goan Summer – 4.5

Passion fruit, papaya & orange give this vibrant concoction its sun-kissed colour. For those who dream of long nights on the beach & clear heads at dawn.

The Grown Up – 4.5

Proud British apple muddles with full-bodied pomegranate, accented with elderflower. A mature drink for those who wish to drive.

The Cartographer – 4.5

The underlying sweetness of mango combines with the spicy scent of fresh ginger & crispness of British apple to form this sophisticated & abstinent affair.

Monsoon Season – 4.5

Laid-back coconut mellows sharp pineapple shaken with darkened molasses. A tropical, teetotal tincture to cut through the rainy days that dot a Yorkshire Summer.

Columbus – 4.5

Raspberry & grapefruit soda bring together Britain & India in happy coalition with country elderflower & a Mediterranean citrus blend.

Masala Gimlet – 4.5

Premium Kashmiri Tea shaken with sharp apple, lemon & the warm aroma of fresh ginger. Refreshment & relaxation in the same glass – which you experience is dependent on your viewpoint.

Beer / Cider Bottles

Quilmes 330ml (4.9%) – 4.5

Argentina’s favourite beer, Quilmes is a refreshing clean lager style beer.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 330ml (5.6%) – 5.5

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber colour and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character.

Corona 330ml (4.6%) – 4.0
Golden lager, slightly fruity, with a crisp but refreshing bitterness. Born in Mexico and brought up on the beach, Corona is lighter than traditional beers, with a crisp and refreshing taste.

Meantime Chocolate Porter 330ml (6.5%) – 5.0

A blend of five dark malts give this smooth porter its silky texture and chocolatey flavour. Beer and chocolate heaven. Malt.

King Cobra 330ml (5.1%) – 8.5
King Cobra is double fermented in the bottle, a process normally reserved for fine Trappist ales giving it a super-premium, full-bodied taste and pleasant, hazy appearance.

Budweiser 330ml (4.8%) – 4.0

Exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a rich and unparalleled smoothness. Brewed as by the original process from the choicest hops, rice and best barley malt.

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime 500ml (4%) – 5.5

Produced in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden, using soft water & fermented apples with a touch of strawberry & lime.

Kopparberg Mixed Berry 500ml (4%) – 5.5

Produced in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden, using soft water, raspberry & blackcurrant. Refreshingly light.

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